The new organization of the central square in Kanfanar

Kanfanar main square

The new organization of the central square in Kanfanar ensured additional utilizable space with emphasis on its main elements - the imposing Mediterranean hackberry tree and the sculpture 'Two Doves', which is more conveniently positioned and highlighted by lighting. A protective membrane made of local stone has been formed around the tree functioning as a bench, which enables informal sitting and viewing of the surroundings on all four sides. Thoughtful adjustment of the perimeter stairs enabled a subtle connection with the contact area and provided easy access to all users. In the evening, the square gets a new look with measured but striking linear ambient lighting incorporated into the body of the bench and the stone paving.

Project details

Location: KANFANAR

Client: Municipality of Kanfanar

Year: 2021

Kanfanar main square
Project details


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