A place with a recognizable and unique identity

St. Andrija and Maškin Islands' Landscape Regeneration

In 2002 a storm hit the islands of St. Andrija and Maškin, causing significant damage to their vegetation. An area permeated with extraordinary cultural and natural value lost an exceptional natural environment, leading to the need for its complete regeneration. This project thus aimed at renewing the islands’ cultural, environmental, and recreational spatial values. In addition to creating greater ecological resilience and increasing their visual quality, the regeneration also aimed to develop special tourist potentials and affirm existing landmarks. The result is a place with a recognizable and unique identity.
Situated on top of a small hill at the centre of Maškin island, Count Hutteroth's family Mausoleum is located at the centre of a circular white surface, where light dominates and contrasts with the darkness of the vertical cypresses that surround it. This peculiar landmark is reminiscent of an era when landscape design and temples, situated in visually exposed places, meant prestige and higher social status. Through this project, the entire surrounding landscape of the Mausoleum was renewed.

Project details

Location: Rovinj

Client: Maistra d.d.

Year: 2005

St. Andrija and Maškin Islands' Landscape Regeneration
Project details


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