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Ski-lift Pomer bay

A ski lift is planned in Pomer bay with almost 1600m long cableway for professional and amateur water skiing on all kinds of water ski-boards. The planned speed that can be achieved goes to 30 km/h or faster for professional users.

Construction of ski-lift and associated facilities is planned in the 300 meters long zone along the coast. Floating platforms provide the starting point that adjusts to the sea level and maintains the same distance from the water surface.

Coast promenade lined with trees connects ski-lift's additional coastal contents like a stepped access point that represents a starting position for stand up paddling, wooden platforms and structures for sitting, lying and sunbathing.

Ski lift clubhouse is planned as a modular prefabricated low-energy building with a terrace and a parking lot with 70 parking spaces.

Project details

Location: Ribnjak cove, Medulin, Croatia

Client: H.I.T. sport d.o.o.

Year: 2015

Ski-lift Pomer bay
Project details


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