Mediterranean historical park: sustainable relationship of natural and cultural landscape

Restoration plan for the Punta Corrente Forest Park

The main subject of the masterplan is restoration of 'Zlatni Rt - Punta Corrente' (Golden cape) park forest located near the urban area of Rovinj. 'Zlatni Rt' is a protected natural area with the protection category of park forest that covers the area of 56,3 ha.

One of the fundamental principles used in the restoration is encouraging the sustainability that can be achieved through balanced relationship of natural and cultural elements while preserving the integrity of the park whose cultural specificity is responsible for it's identity.

One of the major goals of the restoration is to develop this area to become a Mediterranean historical park icon with a culturally rich, ecologically complex and sociologically diverse landscape and a spatial system that displays a multitude of contents of experiential and perceptual diversity. 

Project details

Location: Rovinj, Croatia

Client: Komunalni servis d.o.o. Rovinj

Year: 2010

Restoration plan for the Punta Corrente Forest Park
Project details


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