Recreation. Education. Gastro. Adrenalin. Bathing areas. Lookouts.

Lim bay recreational park

Lim bay is a 10km long drowned river valley located on the west coast of Istrian peninsula.

Concept of recreational park is based on idea of a sea promenade as a main feature accompanied by active and passive subspaces for different activities - recreation, education, gastro and adventure points, bathing areas and lookouts.

In addition to the main coast communication, bike trails are planed on the top of both sides with access paths that connect them to the central promenade and a circular waterway with several docking stations.

The design interprets the series of natural inlets and capes formed by a winding river with modular construction that changes depending on the promenade route - sea, coast or land.

Project details

Location: Lim bay, Istra, Croat

Client: Istrian region

Year: 2016

Lim bay recreational park
Project details


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