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Lim Bay Linear Park

Lim Bay is a unique spatial phenomenon in terms of geomorphology, ecology, vegetation, and fauna. It has peculiar cultural and historical characteristics and exceptional recreational potential. The project aims at highlighting the attractiveness of the area through the creation of a linear park. Its ambition is to offer users the opportunity to discover the area further thanks to sport, tourist and educational facilities. A key feature of the project is providing a communication network between land and sea through pedestrian and bicycle infrastructures, and leisure facilities that create a coherent whole.

The Lim Bay coastal path is a communication system that allows one to experience nature in all of its variety, from the surrounding hills and steep cliffs to the preserved woods and maritime ecosystems. Three types of paths supported by pillars have been planned: paths above the sea surface, paths in contact with the coast and above the sea surface, and paths on land, steep terrains and in a preserved natural environment.

Project details

Location: Rovinj, Vrsar

Client: Istrian region

Year: 2016

Lim Bay Linear Park
Project details


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