Compound of the natural and built in a unique Mediterranean surroundings

Monte Mulini Hotel Landscape

The Monte Mulini Hotel landscaping project integrates local cultural and natural elements in a coherent whole that stretches to Punta Corrente wooded park. Historical elements, such as the Monte Mulini staircase and the high coastal wall, have been renewed. New unpretentious structures, retaining walls and pedestrian paths have been added, along with vegetation arrangements and open areas, to form a relaxing and dynamic space evoking a typical Mediterranean garden. The project aims to create a particular atmosphere, respecting this very location's spatial values and offering unique views on the surrounding landscape.

The fountains in front of the Monte Mulini Hotel and Villas are a central design element that makes entering these exclusive places a unique experience. White rocks, the springing of water from hard stone, water dynamics and its lapping reflect the richness of experiences that this place has to offer.

Project details

Location: Rovinj, Croatia

Client: Maistra d.d. Rovinj

Year: 2007 - 2008

Monte Mulini Hotel Landscape
Project details


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