Transforming a military hydroplane station

Hidrobaza Beach

Concept design of Hidrobaza Beach transforms the former military hydroplane station Puntižela into a new bathing complex. Construction is divided into seven phases, with first phase completed in 2016.

Hidrobaza beach is located near the settlement of Štinjan, Croatia.
The physiognomy of the site is closely related to the historical matrix of the hydroplane station transportation system  which is preserved in the proposed concept.

The complex has several distinct components: beach, sport, recreation  and natural areas with elements like 
pebbly coves, natural and build coastal structures, skate & BMX park, climbing area and basketball and beach volley field, playground with custom made equipment,  picnic area and lawns.

Project details

Location: Pula, Croatia

Client: City of Pula, Croatia

Year: 2016 - 2017

Hidrobaza Beach
Project details


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