Nature as inspiration for design: sand dunes of Bijeca

Bijeca beach

Bijeca beach is designed as an entrance plaza with various subspaces with different functions such as catering, recreation, informal seating and entertainment. It is planned to be a starting point for Medulin's coast promenade.

Concept design is based on an idea of arid landscape and that theme is repeated throughout the project - in the south part of location zone with sand dunes is planned with passages that connect beach with the plaza, multifunctional wooden structures that reference the dunes are placed on several locations and represent a stage, resting area for sitting and lying and space for informal play. Beside the mentioned placement of concrete benches and prefabricated modular catering and sanitary objects is planned and construction of a playground designed as a 'natural playscape'.

The existing beach volley field, coastal wall and lawn in the north-western part will be refurbished.

Project details

Location: Medulin, Croatia

Client: Municipality of Medulin

Year: 2015

Bijeca beach
Project details


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